These Facebook Shortage Memes Won The Internet

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Oct 2021 08:50
These Facebook Shortage Memes Won The Internet@prashantgwari/@Netflix/Twitter

The internet was plunged into chaos yesterday, October 4, after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram crashed completely.

I for one was forced to go back to good old-fashioned texting, and briefly wondered whether or not I could possibly resurrect my old MySpace account.


In this time of crisis, many of us flooded to the other social media platform, Twitter, expressing ourselves via an assortment of timely memes. And there’s some absolute corkers out there.


Inspiration was taken from everything from Peaky Blinders to Mean Girls to Mr Bean, with many focusing on Twitter’s perceived delight/smugness at seeing their rivals trip up a bit.

One such widely shared meme draws from a scene from the hugely popular Squid Game, and shows Twitter quite literally holding up Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

My personal favourite showed Boycie from Only Fools and Horses, played of course by the late John Challis, being barely able to contain his mirth at someone else’s misfortune.


Even Twitter itself got involved, tweeting ‘hello literally everyone’, before jokingly ordering ‘59.6 million nuggets for my friends’ from McDonald’s.


Others focused on the strange reality we faced without constant updates from our respective WhatsApp groups and Facebook feeds.

One Twitter user shared a picture of a skeleton peering out from behind some blinds, with the caption, ‘non Twitter users waiting for FB, messenger, IG and WhatsApp to be fixed’.

Some memes took classically meme-able news stories to illustrate what had gone wrong at Facebook HQ, with a particularly funny one showing the famously stubborn Ever Given ship wedged in the control room.


Thankfully, everything seems to have gone back to normal, and I for one will never take my WhatsApp groups for granted again. However, I will admittedly miss the memes made possible by the unfolding mayhem.

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