These Genius Friends Took A Set Of Professional Photos In IKEA

internet'Girls like guys who internet right?' Credit: Imgur/Keventure

IKEA is a magical place, a place where a seemingly endless supply of functional Scandinavian furniture and hot dogs effortlessly come together.

It’s also a great place for a photoshoot, as Kevin Rouston discovered recently.

The idea for the shoot came when Kevin and his mates met up with a married friend of theirs, who had to go grab some things from the store. Once inside, the decision was obvious – grab some ‘good and classy’ photos for their Tinder profiles.

draw'Draw you like a french mannequin girl' Credit: Imgur/Keventure

Kevin, 27, told Elite Daily:

[My friend] had complained in the past about not having much success getting Tinder matches but if you look at his profile one could see his photos were either outdated or poor quality. I usually bring my Canon on outdoor climbing trips so we’d joke about taking photos JUST for Tinder.

Throughout the maze that is IKEA they began posing in positions and places they thought would be funny and ironic. It was a lot of fun and hilarious how the photos actually turned out on my iPhone. The lighting in IKEA is perfect.

And that perfect lighting worked wonders for them. After posting the images on Reddit and Imgur Kevin and his friends have been inundated with requests for dates, cutting out the Tinder middle-man completely.

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