These Guys Found Out The Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Pick On Strangers


Two moronic bullies learnt why you shouldn’t pick on strangers after a boxer took his brutal revenge on the pair for messing with his girlfriend.

CCTV footage from a London underpass, captures the moment the two unidentified men cruelly flick a cigarette into the hair of a woman as she walks passed them, arm in arm with her boyfriend.

The woman’s clearly shocked at the attack and turns back round where the two yobs laugh at their stupid joke, The Sun reports.


They’re not laughing for long however when the boyfriend turns round and appears to have a conversation with the two, before going to leave.

Not knowing when to shut up one of the bullies, in a black beanie, appears to gloat as the couple try to make their exit and the boyfriend sees red turning back and heading over to the beanie wearing bell-end.

The bully’s mate, wearing a grey hoodie, casually leans on a wall nearby watching the argument but when the boyfriend swings a brutal left hook at his pal and knocks him out in a single blow he realises they’ve picked on the wrong guy.

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He tries to hit the clearly trained fighter but is outclassed in literally seconds, and ends up on the floor like the baby he is.

Luckily for the bullying duo the man’s girlfriend manages to calm him down and the couple leave.

Meanwhile the man in the grey hoodie manages to scrape himself up off the floor and tries to wake up his mate who’s still sparked out on the floor.


Debate now rages online as to whether the footage is real with some claiming that it’s faked while others claim that you can’t fake a fall like that.

Either way it’s a valuable lesson for bullies about picking on the people, just don’t.