These Incredible Photographs Will Change The Way You View Homeless People

2. London Homeless 2 - Katia's companion outside Kings Cross Station. Micheal.Michael at King's Cross Station, London - Credit: Lee Jeffries

Photographer Lee Jeffries’ documentation of the homeless began back in 2008, when he took a photo of a girl sleeping in a doorway in London.

This experience changed his life, and he now travels the world photographing homeless people and spending time listening to their stories.

Jeffries explained his process to, saying: “I’m “living” with these people for days, sometimes weeks and only when a mutual respect has been developed does the camera ever get used.”

These up close and personal portraits are the result of his efforts to engage with the homeless:

lee_jeffriesThe photo that started it all. London - Credit: Lee Jeffries
7. London Homeless 7 - Homeless woman I shot a few years ago in Whitechapel.Whitechapel, London. Credit: Lee Jeffries
12071049_1653563981549371_67011802_n(1)King's Cross Station, London - Credit: Lee Jeffries
ad_185067517Credit: Lee Jeffries
Untitled-1Credit: Lee Jeffries
12080470_1014292418628359_17414014_nCredit: Lee Jeffries
2Credit: Lee Jeffries
3Credit: Lee Jeffries
11351888_942039252544832_331370425_nCredit: Lee Jeffries

You can see more of Lee Jeffries amazing work on Facebook, Instagram and his website.