Thief Stops To Watch Adult Movie Mid-Robbery, Gets Beat Up During

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A male thief who broke into a Los Angeles home business stopped to watch porn, security footage has shown.

The robber also took some time out to smoke and charge his phone.

Store owners Lisa and Steve Mirizzi told KTLA he appeared to have snuck into the vent on Monday night.

The couple first noticed the man, identified as 28-year-old Alan Estrada, roaming around their apartment at night before confronting him.

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Lisa described walking downstairs to make some tea only to find Estrada watching porn on the computer and masturbating.

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Screaming when she saw him, her son and husband then ran down stairs and chased the intruder.

Estrada originally tried to escape through one door only to find it was padlocked and when he dashed for another one, son Giovanni got a hold of him.

After he ‘decked him, picked him up and body-slammed him’ police were called to the scene and arrested Estrada.

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Lisa said:

It almost felt like a dream because it’s like, ‘Is this really happening?’

The intruder is said to have taken cash and credit cards from the shop, according to police.

The stolen goods have since been returned.