Thigh Gap Jewellery Is Now A Thing, But There’s A Twist


Yep, thigh gap jewellery is now a thing – but don’t smash your head against the wall just yet, there’s actually a decent reason behind it.

TGAP is a company that makes jewellery especially for your thigh gap, chains which fit around your thighs with a pendant that dangles between your legs.


Soo Kyung Bae, a designer from Singapore, created the collection – each piece in it is hand made, using 18-karat gold plated sterling silver.

Prices vary, with the cheapest piece setting you back $176 (£123), while the most expensive one goes for $195 (£137).


But here’s the twist, if you actually add any of the jewellery to your basket and proceed to checkout you might be disappointed to find you can’t actually buy them – instead you’re taken to a website which tells you the ‘Story Behind TGAP Jewellery‘.


It turns out TGAP jewellery doesn’t exist, the site was created to start a conversation on ridiculous body trends and beauty standards like the thigh gap.

On the site, once Bae explains you’ve been tricked she encourages anyone who would have bought the jewellery to seek support about body image issues.

Bae told Dezeen:

The jewellery pieces take the thigh-gap trend to another level, the pieces are created in hopes of sparking questions.

If we let the media to keep popularising such unrealistic body ideal, will this eventually become reality?

Before adding: “By using outrageous products, I hope to bring a provocative jolt that leads us to ponder and reflect upon what we are like as a society and the absurd things we value and obsess over – as well as how this creates unnecessary pressure for women and girls.”