This Builder Fell From A Building And Impaled Himself On A 2 Metre Steel Rod


You may have had a bad day in work today. The air conditioning might be broken and you’ve been sweating all day. Trisha from reception might have broken the handle on your mug. Brian from accounts might have taken the last decent sandwich in the shop and left you with egg butties.

But at least you didn’t leave with a 2 metre long metal rod through your arse, like this poor fella.

The unnamed builder fell from a building he was working on in Shenzhen City, in the Guangdong Province in south China, and managed to impale himself, with the rod going in through his butt cheek and out through his back, just below his shoulder.

Graphic photo’s show the rescue operation, where the fire service had to carefully cut the rod in order to move the man.




Surgeons operated to remove the steel from his body.


Witnesses say that he lost his footing, and tripped and fell from the scaffolding, and an official health and safety investigation is underway.

What a pain in the arse…