This Could Be The Freakiest YouTube Channel Ever

gloomhouse logogGloomyHouse

If you’re a fan of bone-chilling stories and love things that go bump in the night, we challenge you to watch some of the videos put out by GloomyHouse.

It’s a YouTube channel run by American, Sebastian Franco, who describes it as featuring true stories, top countdowns and disturbing facts, all with a dark theme.  He says sole purpose is to ‘entertain, and perhaps educate a bit in the process.’

The channel is a fascinatingly macabre site where Franco lists some of the creepiest and most fucked up shit imaginable, and we’re not lying when we say some of this stuff in genuinely frightening. Of particular note is a man pouring boiling water over himself and a possible 4Chan serial killer.

Despite the macabre theme, the channel is super charming and you can’t help but watch video after video. We put this down to Franco’s incredible narration which means that no matter how terrifying the subject matter gets, you feel oddly reassured. He aslo kindly marks his work as NSFW if he feels the subject is really messed up.

In a recent interview with Vice, Franco explained why he set up the channel:

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by creepy stories and Hollywood horror blockbusters. Those experiences gave me very special rush of emotions, more specifically the fear of the unknown. This same exact feeling is what pushed me to create this channel, I want my viewers to go through that same experience.