This Girl From ‘The Ring’ Prank Scared The Shit Out Of People

Paramount Pictures/YouTube

Acting tough when watching a horror film is one thing, but you’ll learn a hell of a lot more about yourself when events unfold in person.

These poor unsuspecting victims had no idea they were about to come face to face with Samara from The Ring, and they certainly weren’t sticking about when she did.

Check it out…

Publicity stunts can often fall short of the mark, but this effort from Paramount Pictures has to be applauded!

Lulling members of the public into a false sense of security in a TV shop, a false screen opens up at the wall to release the Scary AF child.

It wasn’t for the faint of heart!

Paramount Pictures

These guys set a new land speed record as they made their exit…

Paramount Pictures

Seriously, fuck that for a laugh.

The prank was staged to promote the release of Rings in cinemas this February – just in time for Valentines day!