This Guy Built The Ultimate Room Behind A Secret Bookshelf Door


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This guy has built the ultimate smoking lounge, hidden behind a bookshelf.

Behind the poplar shelf lies a hidden gem of a room, accessible via a secret latch. Once inside it looks like the kind of place you’d find Sherlock Holmes relaxing after a hard day busting mysteries right open.

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The lucky owner of this room, Imgur user BaconJacobs, describes the materials and process:

I built this bookcase entirely from raw materials to fit the old door opening to the coal chute room.

The bookcase is attached to a frame of the same 3/4″ poplar I made the bookcase out of.

The door frame was tediously shimmed to be perfectly level with a laser before being screwed down securely to the wall stud with about 24 screws. The top frame was done the same way, but horizontally and to leave the correct spacing on top of the bookcase.

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Amazing. The replica of the idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark is a very nice touch too.