This Guy Epically Shames Couple’s PDA On Public Transport



Public displays of affection are lovely and cute if you’re involved, apparently, but for everyone around you it’s awkward and horrid.

More people like this guy please!

While riding the New York subway, this guy is stood next to a couple that start snogging in front of everybody, no fucks given.

The guy then does what I wish everybody would do from now on, and films himself shouting “AWWWWWKWAAAAARD!” until they stop!

My personal highlight is everybody cheering!

I’m not bitter because I’m single, I’ve never liked it even when I’ve had a girlfriend. It makes me feel awkward when other people do it, so I don’t wanna do that to anybody else. Hate on that all you want, you’re only going to disagree with my if your missus is there with you when you watch this!