This Guy Has Just Been Named The Biggest Liar In The World

by : UNILAD on : 22 Nov 2015 19:42
Chris Rickett

Meet the biggest liar in the world – and, no, he isn’t a politician.


Mike Naylor, 59, took home the prestigious title after his stunning performance in this year’s ‘World’s Biggest Liar’ competition.

We didn’t even know this was a thing, to be honest, but apparently the competition is held every year at the Bridge Inn in West Cumbria. It’s a sell out every year (or so they tell us – we don’t know what to believe anymore) and is held in memory of Will Ritson, a local pub landlord who was known for his tall tales to entertain the customers.

Best of all, politicians and lawyers are reportedly barred from entering the competition, as they’re too skilled in “telling porkies”.

News & Star

The concept of the bizarre, yet brilliant competition is pretty simple – contestants are tasked with telling the tallest (and funniest) tales to the audience and judges without referring to a script, hesitating or their nose growing.

Mike, aka. ‘The Monkey Liar’, took home the gong with his story of how he discovered his royal ancestry after he cut himself shaving and was told by paramedics he had royal blood.

He even spoke of how he got to visit Buckingham Palace following his discovery and farted in front of Prince Charles, although not before a very awkward conversation with his adoptive father, to win the competition for the fourth time.

Speaking to the News & Star after his historic victory, Mike said:

It was a surprise to win because the competition was as strong as ever. I actually stumbled a bit, and I thought that might have cost me, but I managed to keep going. The stories just come into my head.


Second place this year went to Keith Porter, who was apparently dragged down into the Irish sea by a monster during a fishing trip in the Lake District, where he saw two mermaids kissing.

In third was newcomer Joe Benson who claimed he managed to build Hadrian’s Wall and sink a Nazi submarine by skimming stones. Impressive stuff.


The event is now considered something of a national treasure and we can see why, to be honest. The whole thing sounds like a riot. There’s even been famous winners – in 2006, Sue Perkins (of Mel and Sue/Great British Bake Off fame) became the first woman to take home the prize.

Oh, and among all the lies, was one very hilarious and bizarre fact. Mike, this year’s winner, actually works for a shit spreading company in Egremont. Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction!

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