This Infuriatingly Difficult Exam Question Has Gone Mega Viral

by : UNILAD on : 02 Dec 2015 15:40

Let’s be honest now, no one actually like exams do they? The stress leading up to them, feeling like if you don’t spend every waking minute revising you’re going to fail, being absolutely convinced that you don’t know any of the things you knew five minutes ago – you get the point, it’s stressful.


So that said, you also know the chances are you will get at least one question that you aren’t that well-prepared for – you just have to accept it. What you don’t have to accept is going to sit a technical exam and being confronted with a profound metaphysical question that you would be more likely to find buried in a philosophy exam…


Yet that’s what Redditor Esperagon found when he was asked “what is a microphone – true or false” during his sound recording exam.

Since it was uploaded two days ago, the post has gone truly viral, receiving over 1.5 million views. People have given it a good go but as yet no one on Imgur has been able to provide a definitive answer to the question.


Muppetomine wrote: “If this were a written test, I’d have written ‘Testing, testing, one, two…’ next to the answers provided.” While Sandpaperhandjobs went with: “There is a small chance you are actually the host of Jeopardy and no one told you.”


Other useful suggestions include: “You didn’t smoke enough weed for your sound test man. The colors are true man,” from user anemorelagerandimightlikeyou, and the equally deep: “Microphone is truth, microphone is life” from pomegranate.

Always seems to be the way with those deep philosophical questions, or when people manage to fuck up asking a simple question.

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    I am a film student. This was a question on my sound recording test.