This ‘Intelligence Test’ Is Driving The Internet Mad

Albert EinsteinWikimedia

More often than not there’s some crazy quiz going viral over social media that leaves people pulling their hair out over absolutely nothing.

Check this one out for example – a simple but mind-numbing and soul-destroying puzzle which drove Twitter and Facebook users insane until they finally got it.

However, the ‘intelligence test’ below genuinely is incredibly tough – with many claiming that if you can get the question right then you surely have an IQ level of over 150 (which is supposedly ‘genius level’, with only one per cent of people attaining it).

Fittingly titled, ‘This is a little intelligence test, share if you understood it’, the post poses a series of crippling mathematical questions, and asks you to figure out the pattern between the numbers and answers.

The picture, posted by an evangelical ministry based in the U.S. called the Paul Wilbur Ministries, has since been shared over three million times. However, we’re not convinced that everybody who shared the viral post actually managed to suss out the mathematical question asked. It’s also highly unlikely.

Let us known if you found out the pattern in the comments.