This Is How America Wishes It Was More Like Europe


America and Europe both have their pros and cons, and as a former European myself (Brexit life) it’s interesting to see the sort of European things American’s would love to adopt.

A recent Reddit thread, fittingly entitled ‘Americans of Reddit, what part of European culture do you wish you had in the US?‘, attracted thousands of comments and with the Euro’s final tonight, I think it’s only right that we share some of them with you.

The comments ranged from more emphasis on learning languages and holiday pay, to smaller tips and drinking on the streets.

Anyhow – here’s some of our favourites:

The Educational:

You guys get good language training. I wish we started learning languages as young as you do.


The holiday jealous:

Long ass vacations. You guys seriously get a month off!?


The cultural:

Being able to take a train to an entirely different culture. [Good luck with that one mate…]


The parents:

Maternity/Paternity leave that I don’t have to save up for.


The picky:

Sales tax already included in the price you are paying for something.

ted-image09-e1398081785351Universal Pictures

The dreamer:

Walkable town centers. Less urban sprawl. Fewer billboards. Better public transport and transportation infrastructure. A decent minimum wage and a culture where tipping is optional. Basic universal healthcare. Guaranteed family and medical leave.


The historian:

The rich geographic history. It seemed to me that every town/city that I traveled to had cool buildings or town histories. Romans or old kings doing wacky stuff and building awesome buildings.


The drinker:

FANTA LIMON. Our Fanta is so shitty and syrupy. European soda is actually refreshing.


And my personal favourite: the drunken Brit in disguise:

Kebabs. Seriously I don’t get how there’s a Kebab shop on every other corner in Europe, but getting a good Kebab in the US is pretty damn hard.


Amen to that.

So there you have it folks – next time you’re soaking up the sun in Cali just be gutted you’re not in Grimsby tucking into a greasy kebab.

Must be grim living in Cali.