This Is How Donald Trump Is Being Portrayed In The Russian Media


There’s no denying that in the West, the media portrayal of Donald Trump is less than forgiving.

As someone who has been actively hostile towards the press and the First Amendment, the president-elect has called the American media ‘disgusting’, ‘corrupt’, ‘biased’ and ‘dishonest’.

He’s labeled Obama a bad leader, but has openly expressed his praise towards Russia and the country’s president, Vladimir Putin.


In a time where rumours of corrupt political ties to Russia are circulating, what does the country Trump seems to praise the most really think of him?

Thanks to a Reddit post titled ‘Russians of Reddit, how is Donald Trump being portrayed in your Media?’, we have a better idea – and it’s not all that surprising.

According to Reddit users, they do love him:

But not as much as you might think:

Let’s just say if Trump could read Russian, I suspect he’d appreciate the way Russian media covered the U.S. election.

Here’s to hoping that when the president-elect takes office, the focus is not just rebuilding ties with Russia, but rebuilding ties between the American people and their new president, too.