This Is The Most Common Birthday In The World


If like myself you’re forever forgetting friends and families birthdays then we’ve got a hot tip for you, make a note of September 16.

Why? Well according to Harvard University September 16 is the most common birthday in the world, so if you’ve got that in the diary chances are you’ll be remembering someone’s birthday.

In fact according to you’ll be celebrating the birth of Nick Jonas, BB King, Amy Poehler and Flor Rida amongst many, many others. Who knows it may also be a friend’s birthday?

To work this out scientists made a graph, called a heat map, which corresponded to the number of births on any given day with light and dark squares.

The graph then shows how birthdays rank against each other, with darker sections being more common and lighter being rarer.

The reason for this is that unsurprisingly birth rates in the summer and autumn tend to be more popular for births, while people seem to conceive children in the winter, presumably to keep warm.

Meanwhile a separate study from back in 2013 which examined 6,500 sperm samples found that male fertility increases in the winter and spring months which again leads to a higher summer birth rate.

Interestingly birthday’s become quite rare from the Christmas time until January 1. Of course February 29 is rare as well because it only comes around every 4 years.

So were you born in September, or indeed on September 16?