This Is What Celebrities Would Be Like At School


Although it’s hard to imagine, celebrities weren’t always put together adults with money, fame and success.

Once they too were gawky teenagers just trying to make it through high school, like you and I.

But what were they like as high school kids? This Twitter feed has asked the big question and come up with hundreds of answers with varying degrees of hilarity.

The Twitter feed shows no mercy, regardless of status and success.

Not even Michael Cera, who played a virile young high school boy in Juno is safe.

It covers all manner of high school cliques, from the jocks to the cheer squad by way of the thespians, AV club and debate team.

Then there are those bromances that last far beyond your high school days.

Don’t forget the punk cliques either.

The tweets are wildly popular and receive thousands of retweets and likes from their followers.

…Although, sometimes the humour is very close to the nose.

For example, their take on Margot Robbie does appear to be the private fantasy of the tweeter rather than any reflection on her career or public persona.

While the feed is an oblique satire, their take on Britney’s Britney and her high school sex life is rather unsavoury too.

…I actually think the People’s Champ would be a wonderful teacher – and President.

Perhaps even better than Frank Ocean or Ellen DeGeneres.

The Situation got back on track though with this appraisal of Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino.

At times the feed gets topical. During the Presidential election, they took the opportunity to weigh in on Trump..

…And of course, in the interests of democracy, Hillary got a fictional throwback too.

Not even the President-Elect’s son and wife are free from this feed’s playground bullying.

The topical political debate continues with an appearance from Ken Bone, among other viral superstars of this year.

And what would a 2016 Twitter feed be without the internets favourite deceased gorilla, Harambe?

If nothing else, this feed is a welcome reminder that we’re all just trying to escape adulthood, one personality flaw at a time.