This Maths Problem For 6-Year-Olds Has People Stumped


It seems that they push primary school kids in Singapore a lot harder than they do in the UK.

While we were making unidentifiable models from lolly sticks, six-year-old children in Southeast Asian city state were figuring out this ridiculously difficult maths puzzle.

The photo of the maths question was posted on Twitter and has left adults all over the world scratching their brains at what the numbers in the circles could be.

Many have claimed that the number two should in fact be a 20.

Due to the open-ended nature of the question, there are actually numerous correct answers to this puzzle.

The most common was (if the two was a 20), then the number in between the two circles would be the sum of them plus three.

Another answer was that the numbers in the circles add up to the one in-between, making the three redundant.

Then this guy went rogue and made it so that the sum is always 24 whether it is done vertically or horizontally.

So there are numerous ways to do this test, and there is potentially an error.

I thought the good thing about maths is that there is only one right answer.