This Mindf*ck Image Has Been Fooling The Whole Internet


Have you been scrolling through your newsfeed in the last couple of days to find yourself scrolling past the above image?

Did you spend way too long staring at it, trying to figure out what it actually was? Did you fail at every hurdle and take to the comment sections for help, only to find everyone else was just as mindf*cked as you? Well, that was pretty much the consensus when I did some research.

The image has spread far and wide. Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, Twitter, even distant and completely unrelated forums have been trying to identify it. So, what is it?

eGCSSXZDogs-best-friend on Reddit

Yes, what you were looking at for so long was in fact a cowboy, wearing a cowboy hat. For f*ck sake. I won’t lie, I was one of those fooled from the get-go, but now I know what it is, I can’t not see it.

Did it fool you?

Well done, Internet. You confused me and made me feel like an idiot once again.