‘This Morning’ Tried To Recreate This Viral Photo And Failed Miserably

Kaylan Mahomes/Twitter

Most of us were scratching our heads when the above image appeared on social media, but nobody was quite as confused by This Morning‘s pitiful effort yesterday.

The ITV show attempted to jump on the bandwagon by presenting a segment which included a mother and daughter who supposedly get mistaken for teenage sisters.

They even tweeted about their so-called struggle.

Unfortunately for Donna Galt, the public were far more capable of correctly identifying age than whoever runs ITV‘s social media.

Sure, they dress the same and sport a similar hairstyle, but sisters they most definitely ain’t.

This Morning/ITV
This Morning/ITV

The show may wish it hadn’t turned to social media for a second opinion.

The replies were all pretty damning.

Harsh, but pretty accurate.

Still harsh. Still accurate.

A few people argued that the concept just doesn’t work with white women.

Well, that didn’t go to plan at all.