This Nutter Hooks Parachute Through His Skin Then Jumps Off A Cliff – Major NOPE!



Because sometimes normal parachuting is just boring…

Josh Miramant pushed the boat out with this stunt.

Hooking a parachute through the kin on his back, then jumping from a cliff and suspending himself from the parachute all the way to the ground.

Fuck that noise!

I’ve seen suspension quite a few times at freak shows and tattoo conventions, but never this extreme.

Miramant explained:

I was shocked that when the canopy opened, it was not very painful at all.

It’s amazing how powerful adrenaline is—as the canopy made a loud snap above me, it triggered one of the strongest adrenaline kicks I’ve ever had.

At that point, I just had to steer the canopy towards the ground and it was over.

The delight, relief and satisfaction of success was far more prevalent than pain.

I’ll take your word for that, mate. I really don’t fancy trusting the skin on my back to not completely rip with the pull from the parachute. To be honest, I’m that much of a wimp getting tattooed, the thought of a back piercing taking twenty minutes made me heave.

NOT for the faint hearted.