This Barack Obama Doppleganger Fooled Alec Baldwin In The Street


President Barack Obama has a pretty recognisable face.

While it might not have been carved into the side of Mount Rushmore, I’m pretty sure most people would recognise the face of the current President of the United States in the unlikely circumstance of bumping into him in the street.

Apart from Alec Baldwin, apparently.


A photograph has appeared on the front page of Reddit, posted by the cousin of an alleged ‘Obama doppleganger’.

Brown-52 captioned the image, ‘My cousin got stopped on the street because someone thought he was Obama’.

Observers were initially so taken by the apparent similarities between social media’s favourite POTUS and the unidentified man in the picture, they failed to notice the presence of Hollywood veteran, Alec Baldwin.


…Up until a select few trusty Reddit users hit back at the unobservant masses with some light-hearted replies, designed and executed to berate as much as to inform.


Once the initial confusion was cleared up, the thread went even deeper into turmoil amid the usual Reddit tangents.

SNL fans who avidly watched Baldwin’s weekly Trump parodies, pointed out this picture was basically an image of the President and the President-elect, Donald Trump, getting along in an alternate universe in which TV is representative of reality.

Others are still baffled by the photograph and are left wondering whether the original poster had used an ambiguous photograph, randomly featuring Alec Baldwin, to show that his cousin supposedly looks similar to Obama.

It is not clear whether this image genuinely related to the caption; after all, the politically-engaged actor is likely to recognise the President, you know, because he’s an American that owns a television…

And because this guy looks nothing like Barack Obama.