This Person’s Secret To Healing Paper Cuts Immediately Is Blowing Everyone’s Mind

by : Emily Brown on : 03 May 2021 13:08
This Person's Secret To Healing Paper Cuts Immediately Is Blowing Everyone's Mind@onlyjayus/TikTok

Paper cuts have to be one of the most annoying, inconvenient injuries out there, but one TikToker has revealed a way to stop the pain before it starts to make your life hell. 

Up there with splinters and stubbing your toe, paper cuts are one of those things that shouldn’t be that big a deal but have the power to ruin your day in a matter of milliseconds.


It seems absolutely ludicrous, then, that anyone would subject themselves to one of the painful little slits on purpose, but TikTok user Isabella, who uses the pronouns they/them, did exactly that to prove they had the power to treat it.

Check out their video below:


Titled ‘Life Advice’, the video saw Isabella take viewers through a number of different hints and tricks to help combat everyday inconveniences, though admittedly they didn’t look like they were having a very good time in the process.

Isabella kicked things off with their surprising treatment for a paper cut, and proved they meant business by whipping out a piece of paper and slicing it between their fingers.

The TikToker immediately looked to be in pain, but they explained that ‘one way to heal it immediately and get rid of the pain’ is to use chapstick.

Applying the soothing substance, Isabella said, ‘Yeah, that works.’

TikToker gives themselves paper cut@onlyjayus/TikTok

While TikTok users were quick to express their shock at Isabella’s decision to cut her finger on purpose, many admitted that the hack was an incredible one, with one writing, ‘[They] be teaching more stuff than school.’

Another joked: 

Me: puts chapstick on a paper cut

The papercut: understandable, have a nice day


Isabella has racked up more than 25 million views on the video, though the TikToker isn’t the first to recommend the use of chapstick to treat paper cuts.

TikToker treats paper cut with chapstick@onlyjayus/TikTok

The life hack has previously been discussed on social media pages on Reddit and Pinterest as well on the website Woman’s Day, which explains that ‘dabbing on lip balm will help relieve pain’ on superficial paper cuts or shaving nicks by ‘blocking air from open nerves’.

It adds, ‘If wax-based, the lip balm will also help slow bleeding.’


Isabella’s other life hacks involve drinking water with a pen in your mouth to stop hiccups – though they appear to almost choke in the process, so maybe avoid that one if you can – as well as using raw honey to get rid of acne scars.

The tips might not be the most conventional, but everyone has their own way of coping, I suppose!

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