This Picture Of Tom Hardy Sent Town Crazy Until Actual Truth Came Out


Everyone in the small North East seaside town of Tynemouth was overjoyed-bordering-on-hysterical when they saw a photo of Tom Hardy at a local cafe.

The photo appeared to show the Peaky Blinders actor relaxing at the Surf Cafe on the seafront, but it turns out it was just Johnny Watson, a local.

Johnny, a 30-year-old dad, is often compared to the a-list actor, and was extremely excited when he heard he was in the exact same spot that Johnny was in earlier that day.

Then the hilarious truth of the matter dawned on him, and he realised that it was a photo of him, looking wistfully out at sea that was being shared on social media.

Speaking to the Newcastle Chronicle, Johnny said:

I popped in for a half earlier on and then came home and had a kip.

I woke up and had a message saying Tom Hardy is in the Surf Cafe.

So I’m just thinking to myself that I’m gutted because I was there earlier and I didn’t see him.

I’ve been told I look a bit like him in the past – which I don’t get really get to be honest.


He explained his revelation:

So I just slowly started to think ‘oh god, is this me?’.

Then I look at Twitter and, sure enough, everyone’s sharing a picture of me.

I just thought ‘oh god’.

The engaged father-of-one apologised ‘to the good people of the North East for not being Tom Hardy’.

Even the staff at the Surf Cafe fell for it and tweeted: ‘So Tom Hardy casually pops into the surf cafe today and our staff were oblivious to it. Devastated isn’t the word’.

There is definitely a resemblance there, but Johnny has got a pretty popular look going, and people also compare him to James Morrison and Craig Bellamy.

I can’t imagine Tom Hardy would find himself in Tynemouth, he’s probably very busy preparing for the release of Dunkirk.