This Sexist Description Of Theresa May’s Husband Is Perfect


I’m sure a lot of you are wondering just who exactly Theresa May is at the moment, or perhaps more importantly, why her shoes are on the front cover of The Sun

So we have the first female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher, yet all people seem to be talking about is her fashion taste – oh and the fact she’s just put BoJo as Foreign Secretary – because holy shit.

Well one newspaper decided to reverse the roles today and made Mr May, AKA Philip John, or simply, The Dandy of No 10 – the fashionista and fashion king of Britain. All hail Philip John!

In a hilarious piece of satire by the Metro, journalist Nicole Morley went into great depth about Mr May ‘stealing the show’ in his inaugural appearance as First Man of Britain.

Theresa May To Be New Prime Minister By Wednesday EveningGetty

Morley wrote:

Stepping into the limelight as First Man, Philip May showcased a sexy navy suit with a flourish of pinstripe.

A single fastened button at the waist helped show off his fantastic figure and a pale blue tie brought out the colour of his eyes.

Round glasses perched on his nose accentuated his amazing bone structure – no doubt one of the assets he used to help him to bag his wife.

Sadly, I am forced to agree – those facial bones look as if they were carved from one of the finest rare rocks in all the world.

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime MinisterGetty

Nicole continues:

Philip elongated his pins with a pair of black brogues as he accompanied his wife to step over the threshold of their new home – 10 Downing Street.

As First Man, or First Hubby as some are already calling him, Philip will no doubt have been expecting his fashion choices to go under the microscope.

Personally, I’m not too deeply hurt by the constant chitter chatter of Theresa’s fashion – after all, she once said that if she was stranded on a desert island her luxury item would be a lifetime subscription to Vogue.

However, what does bother me is that there seems to be more sexist attention directed towards her fashion choices than there is on her policies and, quite frankly, horrendous cabinet choices.