This Site Does Exactly What It Says It Will, But People Aren’t Learning

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You’d think that if a site is called ‘Ruin My Search History – ruin your Google search history with a single click’ people may think twice before clicking it… 

But apparently they haven’t – and, honestly, the link will do exactly what it says. It will run a series of Google searches that gradually escalate in their potential to ruin your online life, reports The Washington Post.

It all starts when you click the ‘search’ icon on the page, throwing up terms ranging from the mildly embarrassing to the downright disturbing – especially if you’re an adult man married to a woman…

Some of the best examples include ‘attracted to mother, why’and ‘country low age of consent’ immediately followed by ‘flights philippines.’ Then you get into the dark stuff as it begins to search for information about Islamic State…

In a show of twisted brilliance, ’Ruin my Search History’ was first posted to the subreddit r/InternetisBeautiful.

Most of the commenters seem to have taken the joke on board – but a few people actually seem to have some genuine concerns… 


To which someone replied:


Eventually a moderator showed up and added a load of warnings to the post itself, writing: “The site functions as advertised. Proceed at your own risk.”

Then, brilliantly, the creator of the site decided to respond to the shit storm he had created, posting:


As you can probably guess, everyone was only too keen to ‘have a word’ with peedano…


For those of you who are curious, there’s a link to the Reddit post here, but do beware, obviously…

If you can’t resist the temptation – or simply don’t give two shits – you can modify your search results on Google by clicking this link. 

You’ve all been warned!