This Stripper Went To Extremes To Avoid Being Caught Cheating

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Unfortunately, there are some people who seem to have it hardwired into their brains that cheating is okay.

And there are some people who will go to incredible lengths to avoid getting caught – this stripper is at the very top of that list.

Karla Vasquez decided that rather than telling her husband the truth, it’d be a much better plan to trick him into thinking she’d been kidnapped by two men, Elite Daily reports.

The Miami strip club worker was actually at a bar all night with another man. When she didn’t turn up at home later that night she rang her husband to tell him she’d been abducted in her SUV.

Her husband, obviously very concerned about this news, rang the police. According to the Miami Herald the cops suspected her claims might have been a hoax, but they still went out searching for the 32-year-old.

When police eventually found Vasquez, she was driving in her SUV. She was then arrested for issuing a false report of abduction.

After being busted, she admitted to faking the call to her husband.

The arrest report stated:

Knowing that she was not in danger, (Vasquez) deliberately caused her husband to call the police and report a kidnapping (Vasquez) at no point was in need of police assistance.

If you’re going to be a cheating cunt, don’t waste everyone’s fucking time while you’re doing it.