This Taylor Swift Lookalike Is The Best In The World

by : UNILAD on : 12 Feb 2017 16:57

This woman looks so incredibly like Taylor Swift it’s actually unbelievable…


Some of the doppelgangers circulating the internet are so far from accurate it’s ridiculous and others are just downright disturbing, but this one, this one is something else.

According to Mashable, April Gloria – a cosplayer who is no stranger to dressing up as different characters – has no clue she actually she looks exactly like the Bad Blood singer…

Put them side-by-side and you simply would not be able to tell which one is which.


She’s even nailed the art of Swifty’s red-lipstick look…

As if looking like an exact replica of the blonde-cropped popstar wasn’t enough, April even has a cat named Milo to throw into the mix.

This must surely prove that in fact Tay-Tay does actually have a hidden secret twin out there, just waiting to steal her limelight…

The resemblance is too uncanny to deal with.

I’m not even sure what’s real anymore…

Is it possible that Taylor’s ‘twin’ looks even more like Taylor than she does?!


This is blowing my mind.

I’ve lost all grasp of reality…

I’m so confused I’m starting to think this is actually Taylor under a false Instagram account…

It’s definitely fair to say we’ve found the ‘World’s Best’ (Taylor) doppelganger out there though.

I think I need a lie down…

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