This Tweet Might Have Just Ended The Charlie Sheen And Rihanna Feud

by : Francesca Donovan on : 18 Jan 2017 16:23

Charlie Sheen isn’t afraid of conflict. After calling Rihanna a ‘bitch’ for refusing to meet his then-finace, Sheen showed no signs of letting this little celebrity squabble go.

Although it has been three years since the 51-year-old actor and Scottine Ross were snubbed by the superstar singer, Sheen couldn’t resist picking at old wounds during a recent live interview on American television.


Appearing on the late night show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Sheen was asked if differences had been resolved.

The notorious actor replied:

Oh, that b**ch… No, she abandoned common courtesy and common sense.


The Mad Families star’s response went down like a lead balloon with Cohen and his other guest, Craig Robinson, who immediately wagged his finger at Sheen.


It rubbed Twitter up the wrong way too, with commentators branding Sheen ‘out of order’ and ‘racist’.

In the aftermath, though, Sheen seems to have humbled himself enough to apologise to Rihanna.


However, knowing Sheen’s no bullshit approach to Hollywood niceties, this remark could well have been intended to drip with the sarcasm synonymous with Sheen and his more famous roles.

Camp Rihanna is yet to respond, but here’s betting Charlie isn’t holding his breath for that drink.

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