This Twitter Account Correctly Predicted Trump, Brexit And Beyoncé’s Pregnancy

by : UNILAD on : 04 Feb 2017 11:25

Move over Blind Bulargian Mystic Baba Vanga, the internet has a new psychic hero and it’s far more accurate.


The person behind Twitter account @BeyonceFan666 has correctly predicted the Brexit Vote, that Lady Gaga will play the Superbowl halftime show and that Donald Trump would win the US election.

But their most impressive prediction, the one that brought them to the attention of the world, was that Beyoncé would announce that she was pregnant:


All of these predictions were made days or weeks before the rest of the world knew what was going to happen.

And in the case of the Brexit vote the prediction had incredibly specific and accurate information attached, making lucky guesses even less likely:

Although some of their predictions are slightly less specific, but no less accurate for it:


But before you get too excited, according to The Guardian there is a tried and tested method for creating a ‘psychic’ Twitter account.

You simply tweet a load of different predictions then delete all the incorrect ones.

This famously happened in 2014 when @FifNdhs gained some fame for correctly predicting Germany’s Götze would score the winning goal in the 113th minute in the World Cup Final.

However, another Twitter user had evidence of their cheating and exposed their shenanigans to the world:

If this is the method that @BeyonceFan666 is using to make people think they’re predicting the future it’s disappointing but no less impressive.

While they might not have psychic powers they certainly have a lot of time on their hands and some serious dedication to deceiving people.


Then again, they might actually have psychic powers and won’t be happy about me dissing them so publicly.

I have got a bit of a headache coming on actually…

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