This Woman Got Caught In A Very Compromising Position On Google Earth

Google/Live Leak

We’ve seen some incredible things captured on Google Earth in our time, from the weird to the wonderful, and even potential murder scenes.

However, one woman has taken things to a whole new level entirely to produce perhaps the most embarrassing moment ever caught on Google street view.

To say she was caught in a compromising position may even be putting too kind a spin on things, as this unfortunate lady was snapped casually squatting against a wall and urinating.

Google/Live Leak

And, to complete the scene, she even had a cigarette in her hand at the time.

The moment was captured from all angles for posterity in Almere, in the Netherlands on a street called Chirurgijnhof – because we know you’re all now going to go and check if this is the real deal. It is, although Google have finally completely blurred out the sight of a woman relieving herself in public, after one eagle eyed Live Leak user found the images.

It’s a reminder to always be on alert nowadays, because you never know when the Google Maps car might be passing through your town!