This Woman Is Dead Serious About Halloween



You may recall last week we wrote about Christine McConnell and her monster house. Well, she continues to be really, really, really enthusiastic about Halloween. 

She has been sharing many new photos online that include cosplaying and preparing delicious treats for the upcoming trick r’ treaters.

Christine has been busy painting an eery mural for a friends nursery and also baking cakes in the form of spiders.

This is a tremendous, epic, and unrivalled effort at the moment:

hallo1 hallo2 hallo3 hallo5 hallo6 hallo7 hallo8 hallo9 hallo10 hallo11 hallo12 hallo13 hallo14 hallo15

People have been getting photos in front of her monster house for the last week as well.

The monster house hashtag has been going pretty nuts on Instagram.

It’s great to see someone doing such amazing and original work around Halloween. Her photos are brilliant and she’s one hell of a talented artist overall!