This Woman Looks So Much Like Megan Fox And It’s Sending People Crazy



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This Megan Fox doppelganger looks so much like the real deal it’s actually insane and people have gone into a meltdown. 

Brazilian Claudia Alende is basically the identical twin of the 30-year-old actress and seems to be morphing into her so much, she even has more Instagram followers than the Transformers star…

It must be a bit of a worry for the mum-of-three (if she cares about this sort of thing I suppose) as the Brazilian is so hot-on-her heels in the popularity stakes at only 23.

On top of looking the absolute spitting image of The Fox, the 23-year-old is also a model, which perhaps given her resemblance to the successful actress, is hardly surprising.

Aside from modelling and essentially looking so much like Megan, it’s actually creepy, the 23-year old was also a former runner up for the Miss Bum Bum competition.

It seems the model has plenty to keep her and her 8.9 million followers busy though, with photo-evidence of avid-gym going and even an impressive clothing store.

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Claudia must get mistaking for the Jennifer’s Body actress all the damn time, which is probably why the comments on her Instagram have gone into a frenzy.

There are definitely worse people to get compared to though, so I guess she can’t complain too much…