Thousands Of Fluffy Yellow Chicks Were Let Loose On A Chinese Highway

by : UNILAD on : 26 Aug 2015 17:08
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I can’t quite work out if this is cute, sad, or heart-warming.


Probably because it’s all three at once.

Over in China, a truck turned over on a highway this morning. This kind of accident isn’t unusual, really. But the fact that it poured tens of thousands of fluffy yellow chicks all over the place is why this incident stands out.

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The driver had to try to round up all of his chicks, and other drivers stopped to help, as well as local villagers.

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It’s kind of adorable, because, y’know… They’re cute little things and there’s loads of them making a break for freedom. It’s also kind of sad because, there’s thousands and thousands of them crammed in, and it’s not as if they’re on their way anywhere fun for them…

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    Heaps of fluffy yellow chicks swarm Chinese highway after truck accident