TikTok Dad Who Gives Kids Presentation On Why He’s Still Single Delights Internet

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TikTok Dad Who Gives Kids Presentation On Why He's Still Single Delights Internet_brve10/TikTok

A TikTok dad gave his kids a presentation on why he’s still single, and everyone loves him for it.

Shared in two different parts, the first video was shared on Wednesday, January 13, by his daughter Brandi, known as @_brv10 on TikTok.


Standing in front of the family TV, a PowerPoint presentation is being shown next to John with several questions relating to his singledom.

The first question asks, ‘Is it because I have no time for bullsh*t?’ Responding to this, John says no and that he misses bullsh*t.

Meanwhile, the second questions reads, ‘Is it because my standards are too high?’ to which John replies, ‘No. I don’t have enough pride for that’.


The hilarious video of John has since been liked more than 370,000 times and with over 8,000 people commenting on it. One person wrote, ‘Slowly sends this to my recently divorced mom…’, while another person wrote, ‘Someone better date this man right frickin now’.

Another TikToker commented, ‘That was a epic power point presentation and if there’s one thing that gets a woman going it’s a good slideshow’.

Following the popularity of the video, John created a second part to the presentation that Brandi shared on the video platform the following day. She captioned the video, ‘A much needed Part 2, you’re welcome’.


The first question on the PowerPoint reads, ‘Is it because I can’t dance?’ – John replies with ‘No, I came to TikTok to primarily do some dancing’, followed by a little shimmy.

The next question asks if John is too afraid to put himself out there, but he insists that that’s not the case and that he goes out every day.

One of the questions on a slide addresses the elephant in the room… John’s socks and sandals. The question reads, ‘Is it because I wear socks with my Birks?’ John replies, ‘No, I’m just early to the trend. Trust me’.

@_brve10A much needed Part 2, you’re welcome. ##fyp ##foryou ##singledad ##dadtiktok♬ Oh No – Kreepa

People again loved the video and further commented their appreciation for John. One person wrote, ‘Only legends wear socks with sandals’, as another person commented, ‘He seems great! I bet he won’t have problem looking for someone now’.

Meanwhile a very keen Tiktoker wrote, ‘How old is he?? Where are applications being accepted?’


We’re rooting for you, John!

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