TikTok Mum From Yorkshire Says She Gets Mistaken For Her Son’s Girlfriend All The Time

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Mar 2020 12:20


A TikTok star regularly gets mistaken for her son’s girlfriend online when, in fact, she’s a middle-aged mum of six. 

Claire Barratt is a busy woman. As a former PCSO and detention officer-turned-business owner, with six children (the youngest of whom is 15 months old), her hands are more than full.


Yet, she’s racked up a dynamite following online since joining TikTok, with hundreds of thousands of followers flocking to check out her videos, often commenting on how young she looks.

Claire Barratt TikTok Mum Triangle News

Claire, who lives in Hull, Yorkshire with her husband Jon and their kids, joined the titanic social media app around three months ago, posting funny videos about feeling younger than she is in a bid to ‘have fun and say you can do it too’. In the time since firing up her account she’s amassed millions of views and 145,000 followers.

Claire said:


When I go viral people say I am caked in makeup and I will be. But in the same breath the video I made two days earlier I will have had no makeup on and will have just gotten out of bed in my dressing gown.

There is always a way for me to hit back at the critics. People say I only look 40 because of the make up but I am comfortable in my own skin. I’m not bothered whether I look 40 or not. I am not on TikTok to say I am 40 look at me. I am here to have fun and say you can do it too. Don’t be hindered by other people’s judgement.

Claire Barratt TikTok Mum Triangle News

At 40 years old, Claire says people are often so shocked by her age that she felt compelled to post a snap of her driving licence to prove it. In one of her last videos she used the caption ‘you don’t look old enough to have a 21 year old son’ followed by ‘you look like you could be his sister’ which inspired almost 3,000 comments.

One fan wrote: ‘I mean if you’re 40 then you look 23 compared to my mum who’s 43.’ Another said: ‘Honestly you look so young I thought you were my age and I’m 24.’ A third wrote: ‘You literally look 20, spill the secret sis.’


Claire worked for Humberside Police for seven years. Now, she’s the CEO of Claireabella – making personalised bags worn by the likes of Amy Childs, Michelle Keegan and Denise Van Outen – which she founded in 2010 after a loan from her mum.

Claire Barratt TikTok Mum Triangle News

It was her own staff that encouraged her to join TikTok – and while she was reluctant ‘because my kids were on it’ and they often cringe at her content, she’s now aiming for a million followers by the end of the year. ‘That is my ultimate goal,’ she said.

Claire added:


I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Thankfully the kids gave me lessons and I posted a video of me with baby porridge down my top saying I was 40 and didn’t know why I was here and the reaction was instant.

My kids don’t want to be in my videos and rightfully so I am there mum. They are a bit flabbergasted with how it has taken off. But they are really supportive and proud I think. I have told them that if there is anything they are uncomfortable with me posting to come to me. My eldest Tom thinks it is brilliant and he keeps messaging me saying ‘mum ignore the haters they are just salty’.

With online popularity, some form of hatred is always on the other side of the coin. But, as her son says, ‘they are just salty’. Also, after seven years in the police, Claire also had ‘every insult and physical assault thrown at me so I have incredibly thick skin’.

Claire Barratt TikTok Mum Triangle News

‘I think the minute you start to question should I do that and what will people think is the minute you have lost yourself a bit because who cares what Joe Boggs down the street thinks. It is my life and if I am doing something that makes me happy and live my life to the fullest then I am going to do it. It keeps us young,’ she added.


Claire says on some days she feels 121 rather than 21, but the character on TikTok closely resembles the real her. She hopes that her videos will help to remind parents that they need to take time for themselves. ‘It is easy to forget who the person was before they became a parent. My message is to have fun and not to lose who you are,’ she said.

Haters gonna hate, and ain’ters gonna ain’t.

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