TikToker Describes Moment She Found Parents’ Secret Weed Farm In Attic

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 25 Feb 2021 08:47
TikToker Describes Moment She Found Parents' Secret Weed Farm In Atticihelpturtlescrosstheroad/TikTok/PA

A woman on TikTok has revealed the exact moment she realised her parents were concealing a secret weed farm right in the middle of their home.

The woman, who goes by the name ihelpturtlescrosstheroad on the video sharing platform, made the revelation in response to a video that asked, ‘What’s the biggest lie your parents ever told you?’


She went on to recall that when she was just 12 years old, her parents revealed there was a room filled with Christmas and birthday presents hidden in the attic – which sounds like a dream come true, if we’re being honest.

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‘When I was 12 years old, I lived in a house that was a one-and-a-half story, bedroom was upstairs and there was an attic on each side of the hallway,’ the TikToker, who grew up in South Carolina, explained.

‘Well, on one side of the attic there was a special room inside of the attic and the door was always locked. My parents told me it was the present room, where they stored Christmas presents and birthday presents so we couldn’t get into them. That was their first mistake.’

I mean, it goes without saying that if you tempt a kid with a room full of presents, they’re going to go into full investigation mode. But what the woman found was far from what she had expected.

TikToker Describes Moment She Found Parents' Secret Weed Farm In Atticihelpturtlescrosstheroad/TikTok

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‘I was 12 years old and I was going to find out what was in that room, because I wanted to know what I was getting for my birthday,’ she added.

‘So, I went into the attic at the other end of the hallway and climbed through the crawl space, and when I got into that attic, the door was not locked.’

On finally getting into the secret room, the woman quickly discovered the room was not filled with presents, but was instead filled with ‘a jungle of odd plants’ that were being lit up by a series of bright lamps.

‘I opened the door to a very, very well-lit room, full of what looked like a jungle of odd plants I had never seen before,’ she recalled.

TikToker Describes Moment She Found Parents' Secret Weed Farm In AtticUnsplash

But it gets better. As a naive and innocent teen, the woman wanted to know exactly what it was she had found without revealing to her parents she had snuck into the secret room.

‘So, I picked a leaf and took it to my sixth grade teacher so he could tell me what it was,’ she added.

Yep, she took an actual leaf of marijuana into school to be inspected by her teacher. Incredible scenes.


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