TikToker Details Weekend She Once Spent Baby-Sitting Elon Musk’s Triplets Without Knowing

by : Saman Javed on : 05 Mar 2021 12:41
TikToker Details Weekend She Once Spent Baby-Sitting Elon Musk's Triplets Without Knowingaiallieyamato/TikTok

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is raising three extremely polite and well-behaved children, according to a TikToker who says she once babysat the billionaire’s triplets.

In response to a trend that asks users to tell their ‘crazy one-in-a-million story,’ Ai Yamato has detailed the weekend she spent unknowingly babysitting Elon Musk’s three sons, Kai, Saxon and Damian.


‘One day I went to babysit these two kids I had been babysitting for quite a while and the mom informed me that the two kids were having a sleepover with three other kids, who were triplets,’ she says in the video, which has more than nine million views.

For the most part of the sleepover, she said the kids occupied themselves hanging out at the pool, playing video games and playing Mario Kart.


‘Thank God the dad was working from home so it wasn’t like I was in charge of five kids,’ she said, adding that the only peculiar thing she noted is the boys’ requests to get dinner from Whole Foods.

Whole Foods, the US supermarket chain, is well-known for only selling organic produce free from artificial colours and preservatives.

‘These kids were very health-conscious at such a young age. I was expecting a Johnny Rockets [a diner-style restaurant chain] but they were like ‘let’s go to Whole Foods’,’ she said.

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Yamato said it was only after the triplets were picked up and taken home the next day that the child she babysits informed her that they were in fact Musk’s children.

In several follow-up videos, the babysitter said Kai was ‘definitely the most talkative’ out of the triplets. ‘He was very bubbly and energetic,’ she added.

‘They were all polite, not brats not spoiled, they were very well mannered. I’ve looked after a lot of kids, these kids were the most well-behaved kids I have ever had the pleasure of babysitting,’ she said, adding that she very much enjoyed hanging out with them.

Musk has six children; five with his ex-wife Justine Wilson, and one with his current partner, Canadian musician Grimes. Kai, Saxon and Damian were born in 2006 via IVF.


This week, the Hurun Global Rich List named Musk, who added $151 billion to his net worth in the past year, the richest man in the world.

The bulk of Musk’s wealth comes from his 21% share in Tesla, which is worth an estimated $800 billion. Additionally, SpaceX, of which Musk owns 52%, added $13 billion in value in 2020.

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