TikToker Discovers Billionaire Family Friend Is Her Real Father After Dad Gives DNA Test

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Jan 2021 12:17
TikToker Discovers Billionaire Family Friend Is Her Real Father After Dad Gives DNA Testfretlessfeline/TikTok

TikTok user Cat McDonald apparently found out her biological father was a ‘billionaire’ after her dad gave her a DNA test for Christmas. 

Cat’s father likely thought the family ancestral DNA test would make an interesting present for his daughter when he gave it to her last year, offering her the chance to find out more about her background and family history.


As it turned out, Cat, from Nashville, Tennessee, knew a lot less about her family than she’d originally thought, as she took to TikTok to tell her followers that the test resulted in a paternal DNA match that did not belong to her father.

You can watch the story unfold below:

@fretlessfeline##stitch with @meezersqueezer This is the first time I have said this on the internet and my soul just sighed. ##fyp ##Ancestry ##ancestrydna♬ original sound – Cat McDonald


The TikTok user, who goes by @fretlessfeline, previously defined herself as having Irish heritage due to her red hair and Irish surname. However, the test surprised her by revealing her heritage as being 75% Norwegian, as well as German and British, with no sign of any Irish blood.

Cat told her dad about the results, to which he responded: ‘There’s no way you’re not Irish.’

Recalling the situation, Cat told her followers: ‘I had an exact paternal match – it just wasn’t him.’


After showing the results to her family, the TikToker said even her mother was ‘f*cking shook’. Cat’s dad recognised the name of the paternal DNA match as an ‘old family friend’.

She commented:

As someone whose genealogy literally exudes privilege, I do want to say that I am very grateful for the life that my parents have provided me.

However, I smell bullsh*t.


After doing some digging, Cat claimed to have found that her real father is ‘a billionaire’ who works as the CEO of a major company and has three other daughters.

TikTok user finds out her dad is a billionaire@fretlessfeline/TikTok

The saga didn’t stop there, as the baffled TikToker then drove ‘halfway across the country’ to give her real father a letter, but he apparently refused to meet with her.

Cat claimed that all the letter really said was ‘thank you’, because she’s ‘really happy to be alive’.


Bringing the story to an end, she said: ‘You all know as much as I do that at this point, but I really want more answers.’

Since being posted last week, Cat’s shocking TikTok videos have racked up thousands of views, with some users suggesting that Cat’s dad knew ‘something [was] up’ when he handed out the kits. Cat turned to her followers to ask them to help her find out more information, so there may be more surprises to come yet.

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Cat McDonald/TikTok
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