TikToker Gets Caught in McDonald’s Car Park Shootout

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Apr 2021 08:07
TikToker Gets Caught in McDonald's Car Park Shootout@tyler.newell/TikTok

Unless there’s a customer who’s particularly angry about the ice cream machine being broken, trips to McDonald’s aren’t usually that eventful, which is why one TikToker was horrified to find himself caught in a gun fight while enjoying his meal. 

The dramatic events took place when TikToker Tyler Newell was sat with his friend Zach in the car park of the fast food restaurant, where the pair decided to grab some breakfast before going to play a round of golf.


All in all it seemed like they were preparing for quite a relaxing day, but footage taken from a camera in Tyler’s car shows how things quickly became more intense as the pair turned around to hear sirens and gunshots being fired.

Check out the video below:

@tyler.newellIn case of a shooting, always finish your cookie ##fyp♬ original sound – TL9


Tyler was mid-way through enjoying a cookie when a police officer began walking behind his car with his gun pointed towards someone off-camera. The pair ducked down beneath the windows as gunshots started flying through the air, though Tyler made sure his breakfast didn’t go to waste as he shoved the rest of his cookie in his mouth before doing so.

In the background, officers could be heard shouting ‘put the gun down!’, after which Tyler realised his car was parked in the line of fire, behind the police. He questioned whether they’d be safer in front of the car, but ultimately decided to use his back-up camera to help maneuver the vehicle to a safer location.

@tyler.newellReply to @chloecarbdashian♬ original sound – TL9


Reflecting on his actions in a later video, Tyler said his decision to drive the car using the camera was inspired by a scene from Mission Impossible, when Tom Cruise uses his back-up camera to drive backwards.

As the scene sprung to his mind, Tyler thought: ‘Now is the time.’

Accompanied by the Mission Impossible theme tune, the TikTok video showed Tyler reversing his car while the pair stayed low in the front seats.

Footage of the baffling McDonald’s trip has racked up more than 11 million views since it was posted at the weekend, with thousands of people sharing their thoughts in the comments section.


Tyler said that someone had asked how he remained so calm during the situation, to which he joked that he was a military veteran who’d ‘served two tours in Verdansk’ – the fictional city in the video game Call of Duty.

He commented: ‘Saw a lot of things while I was over there, so I guess it just kind of desensitised me.’


After safely escaping the gunfight, Tyler said he looked over at Zach and made clear that next time they were going to Chick-fil-A.

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Tyler Newell/TikTok
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