TikToker Shows All The Times Drive-Thru Employees Can See And Hear You

by : Saman Javed on : 01 Feb 2021 18:46
TikToker Shows All The Times Drive-Thru Employees Can See And Hear Youzandergjura/TikTok

People on TikTok are sharing all the things drive-thru employees can see and hear at your favourite fast-food chains, and it’s eye-opening to say the least.

One Starbucks employee, user @Zandergjura, revealed in a two-part video that he can actually see every one of his customers as they pull up to place their order.


‘We can see you when you pull up. I can see your face and your car,’ he says.

He also explains that every single employee, even those not taking orders at the drive-thru window, wear headsets and can hear the customer.

@zandergjuraYes, we can all hear you. And yes we do sometimes make fun of your drink ##Wishlist ##StrikeAPosay ##OREOFORSANTA ##starbucks ##drivethru ##xyzbca ##fyp♬ original sound – Zander


This mean that while you think you’re talking to one person, you’re actually talking to a whole team.

‘Ok, but ya’ll still make my order wrong when all of you heard what I say,’ one comment, which received nearly 10,000 likes, said.

Over on Reddit, drive-thru employees at different chains shared some of the wildest things they had overheard an unassuming customer saying.

‘I don’t think most people realize that if your car is pulled up on the sensor that triggers the microphone, we can hear what you’re saying the entire time. I have heard conversations about abortion, people complaining about a long line, straight up badmouthing my coworkers, etc. I advise you to put your window back up after you order,’ one person said.


‘Once heard someone saying ‘stay buckled baby! you’ll get a treat if you’re good okay?’ and I thought they were talking to a child. They pulled up to the first window and there was a kitten in the front passenger seat trying to climb up the back,’ another wrote.

One McDonald’s employee shared their experience: ‘It was almost closing time and this lady pulls up, orders multiple ice cream sundaes and a bunch of other stuff. She pulls up to pay when we told her the total she lost her freaking mind. She kept insisting that she didn’t order the ice cream sundaes that she had literally ordered 2 minutes prior. It was ridiculous. No arguing with a drunk person. So we removed them from her order and tossed them in the trash.’


Another McDonald’s worker offered some tips for customers: ‘We can hear passengers pretty well. If you are obnoxious we do make fun of you. Most people in the restaurant can hear you, we all wear headsets so we can talk to each other. So just beware of what you say because there’s a good chance we make fun of you if you’re rude. Also, just a tip for people, if you go to McDonald’s please order your quarter pounder first. It’s the hardest thing for us to make and the more heads up we have, the quicker it’ll be done, and you can get your food and go.’

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