TikToker Who Ignored Warnings Has Removed Gorilla Glue From Hair Without Surgery

by : Cameron Frew on : 19 Feb 2021 11:54
TikToker Who Ignored Warnings Has Removed Gorilla Glue From Hair Without Surgeryavanireyes/TikTok

A TikToker who put Gorilla Glue in her hair despite the warnings has managed to remove it without surgery. 

Following the plight of Tessica Brown, a Louisiana woman who had to endure surgery in order to remove the adhesive from her hair, another TikTok user apparently insisted on trying glue in her own hair.


In earlier videos, you can see Avani Reyes as she visibly struggles to get a comb through her matted locks. However, she’s somehow managed to get the full range of her hair back without resorting to a medical procedure like Tessica Brown did.

In a recent upload, Reyes confirmed she managed to remove the glue from her hair using coconut oil. The TikToker had earlier started a GoFundMe in order to raise the money for surgery in Los Angeles, just like Brown, managing to amass thousands of dollars despite not needing the cash in the end.


Most people commenting are either demanding she give the money back, or mocking those who felt compelled to donate at all.

It should be noted that Brown, while attracting jokes at first, has been very open about her ordeal being accidental and how she really didn’t do anything for attention, whereas many suspect Reyes of gluing her hair ‘for clout’.


One user wrote: ‘She kept the money y’all some clowns.’ Another commented: ‘So you didn’t reach actual medical attention. You took thousands of dollars from people and didn’t even use it for the purpose it was there for.’

In a previous video, Reyes said she was on her way to hospital, explaining: ‘My scalp is burning. I need to go to the hospital so they can remove this Gorilla Glue. I have no idea what to do. I tried washing it, it doesn’t come off.’

Courtesy of Dr. Michael Obeng, who offered to perform a $12,500 procedure for free after seeing her story online, Brown was freed from her rock-solid hair.


Brown’s GoFundMe, originally started to raise money for wigs after she removed the glue, managed to rack up more than $23,000.

However, unlike Reyes, Brown is donating at least $20,000 to the Restore Worldwide Foundation, a charity run by Obeng which helps people in need of reconstructive surgery.

GoFundMe initially refused to release the money due to the fundraiser being under investigation after several people accused it of being fraudulent. The company has since released the cash.


Amid the criticism, Reyes has yet to confirm if she’s going to refund donations.

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