TikToker Who Was ‘Almost Murdered’ In Desert Saved Herself By Making Fake Phone Call

by : Saman Javed on : 05 Mar 2021 18:40
TikToker Who Was Almost Murdered In Desert Saved Herself By Making Fake Phone Callgingerslunt/TikTok

A TikTok user has claimed she was almost murdered in a desert but saved herself by making a fake phone call.

Nicole Gable has posted a series of videos detailing an experience in Oman, during which an excursion guide allegedly planned to murder her and her husband.


The first video, captioned ‘that time my organs were almost harvested’, has already garnered more than two million views since it was posted yesterday, March 4.

@gingersluntThat time my organs were almost harvested ✨🦋 ##truecrime ##crimetok♬ original sound – Nicole Gable

Gable claims that during a visit to Oman a few years ago, she and her husband booked an excursion to watch the sunrise in the desert.


‘We were out in the middle of a desert staying at a motel, there’s no wifi, cell service, taxis, nothing like that. We’re the only people staying in the motel beside the owner,’ she said.

‘We booked a little sunrise excursion, you go and have a picnic in the desert and watch the sunrise,’ she explained.

Gable said she and her husband had woken up at 3.00am for the trip, which they said other people would also be on. ‘We get to the van and there’s no one else. It’s just me, my husband, the driver, and his assistant,’ she said.


After driving in the dark for quite some time, the couple glanced into the trunk and noticed a shovel and a cooler.

Gable said she asked the driver what the shovel was doing there, a question which he ignored and said, ‘We’re going to be out there for a while.’

‘So I say ‘okay what’s the cooler’, and he says ‘oh there’s a bunch of drinks and snacks in there for the picnic’,’ she said. However, when she reached around and opened it, it was apparently empty except for ice.


At this point, Gable said panic set in and the couple started texting back and forth about their safety and a potential escape plan.

She recalled that earlier in the trip, she had made the motel owners aware she suffers from Crohn’s disease, a long-term condition related to the digestive system.


Gable asked the driver to stop at the nearest convenience store, telling him her condition was causing her pain, however he refused because they would supposedly miss the sunrise.

‘Then, I told him I had thrown up blood this morning,’ she said.

‘As soon as I mentioned I threw up blood, which contains DNA, things changed and he agreed to take me,’ she added, noting that for ‘some reason’, the driver and assistant came inside the store with the couple.

Once inside, she connected to the store’s wifi and pretended to make a phone call to her sister in America. Gable said that during this call she informed her sister of her exact location and who she was with, and falsely promised she would call back in an hour to confirm she was safe.

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