TikToker With Recurring Dream He’s Dying Discovers Ancient Doppelgänger Who Died Same Way

by : Julia Banim on : 24 Feb 2021 13:12
TikToker With Recurring Dream He's Dying Discovers Ancient Doppelgänger Who Died Same Wayroberttolppi/TikTok

A TikToker who kept having the same dream about dying has discovered an ancient doppelgänger who died in the exact same way.

Over and over again, Robert Tolppi would have a dream where he was dying, where it felt like his skin was ‘on fire’. He would wake up sweating, with the number A-14Z29 somehow sticking in his head.


After Google yielded no results, Robert decided to contact his friend, who happens to work as an art conservator, to see if she had any clues for him.

You can watch the vid for yourself below:


After telling his friend about the mysterious number, she told him that she felt it ‘sounded like a portrait tag’. She was at work at the time, and offered to look the number up for Robert. At this point, the story took a seriously eerie turn.

Robert revealed:

And she found this portrait of a guy who died of smallpox 500 years ago.

Robert then reveals the portrait in question, which does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to him, right down to the way his fringe is styled.


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The video has since been widely viewed, with many of Robert’s followers left seriously creeped out by the resemblance.

One person wrote, ‘If you’re joking let me know, because I’m too scared’. Another wrote, ‘This is literally scaring me, this can’t be real’.

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