TikTokers Are Just Discovering How Tiny We Are Compared To Asteroids

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 28 Apr 2021 10:57
TikTokers Are Just Discovering How Tiny We Are Compared To Asteroidskama._.channel/TikTok

TikTokers are only just discovering how tiny humans are compared to asteroids, and now you can understand why the dinosaurs were wiped out by one millions of years ago.

TikToker user Kama shared a video of her shock after watching a clip that demonstrated just how catastrophically enormous asteroids can be, and how minuscule humans are in comparison.


The asteroids are also compared to the size of cities and, well, the whole planet – and it’s safe to say we don’t want one of them hitting Earth anytime soon.

Check it out:


Kama captioned the video ‘omg’, and evidently a lot of people were just as shocked as her as the clip has gone on to be liked 3.7 million times and received nearly 73,000 likes.

One person commented, ‘I thought the dinosaurs were being dramatic,’ while another person said, ‘So basically I’m skinny.’

All the asteroids shown in the video have names, one being Albert, and TikTokers pointed out that they don’t wish to be killed by one with that name.

They said, ‘I’m not dying by an asteroid named “Albert”‘, as someone else agreed, ‘If I ever die by an asteroid named Albert I will be so ashamed.’ A third person joked, ‘Cause of death: Albert.’


I mean, surely they should have names like Zeus, or Thanos, or something?

Going back to our size compared to the ginormous asteroids, one person said humans are ‘literally a piece of dust’ in comparison, as someone else said, ‘So we’re literally nothing?’

Others empathised with the dinosaurs. Someone said, ‘Now I understand why Dinos are dead’. Another person wrote, ‘Ohhh so they dinosaurs weren’t lying.’


There was also a trending theme that the video had spiked people’s anxiety and fears of space. A TikToker said, ‘And I’m sat here worrying about grades. We obviously have bigger problems,’ as someone else commented, ‘The more I learn about the world the more it scares me’.


After learning the size that asteroids can be, you can’t help but question how this meteorologist advised people ‘not to panic’ about an asteroid passing our planet last month.

Laura Tobin said on Good Morning Britain at the time, ‘Now if you hear about an asteroid then don’t worry, it is not going to hit us but it is going to get close.’


I wonder if it was Albert?

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