TikTokers Cycling Past Police For Video Get Guns Pulled On Them

by : Saman Javed on : 21 Apr 2021 15:28
TikTokers Cycling Past Police For Video Get Guns Pulled On Them@riskie_e/TikTok

A Tiktoker and his friend were cycling past police when officers suddenly pulled their guns out and ordered them to get on the floor.

A man, who goes by the username riskie_e, posted video footage from the incident to his TikTok yesterday, April 20.


He and a friend can be seen cycling along a footpath, and are about to pass some police cars when officers brandish their guns and suddenly start shouting at the pair.

The man, and his friend, scared by the sight of the guns, immediately stop and get on the floor and lie on their stomachs, before being asked to crawl towards the police car.


The video has already been watched by more than three million users, many of whom criticised the police for using their guns and ‘abusing their power’.

‘We need to take guns from them! They forgot what serve and protect means,’ one user said. Another wrote: ‘At least you did the right thing, you did as you were told, good job.’

‘If they did anything wrong I don’t think they’ll run right to the police. Gosh, please be careful,’ a third said.

In several follow up videos, the TikTok user revealed the police had pulled them over as the pair allegedly ‘fit the description of two suspects that had just committed a robbery’.


He said they were fingerprinted, handcuffed and detained by police at the scene for two to three hours, while officers carried out the investigation.

In one video, he is heard telling police that he and his friend just came from a 7/11 store nearby and that they could go there to gain proof.


‘I didn’t commit no crime, I just left 7/11, there’s no way … I feel violated right now,’ he tells the police. The officers are heard telling him repeatedly, ‘You matched the description, that’s why you’re detained right now.’

Some users urged the TikToker to comply and not ask too many questions after he told officers he was invoking his right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.


‘Bro just help the process go faster and comply. The more questions you ask, the more you’re getting yourself involved,’ one person said.

Others were sympathetic and praised the man for remaining calm. ‘I watched this and I was terrified for you both. You handled the situation with class and dignity. I’m sorry this happened,’ one person said.

‘Good job being respectful. What happened that they thought it was appropriate action to pull a gun out?,’ another commented.

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