TikTokers Horrified After Dad Shares ‘Paranormal’ Video Of Daughter Being Dragged Under Bed

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Feb 2021 11:23
TikTokers Horrified After Dad Shares 'Paranormal' Video Of Daughter Being Dragged Under Bedjoshdean0222/TikTok

TikTokers are horrified after a dad shared a ‘paranormal’ video of his daughter being dragged under her bed.

Most people have their own ghost stories. Perhaps you’re a fool and you decided to do a Ouija board with your pals, which prompted some spooky occurrences later. Maybe a door slammed you weren’t near, a floor creaked you didn’t walk across, a whisper from the hall that wasn’t your family or partner.


Often these things happen when you’re younger, when nobody else is around, leaving it as a story you tell people who never believe what you say. However, one father caught something particularly creepy on video.

In the TikTok video, shared by Josh Dean (@joshdean0222), his daughter can be seen moving about her bed. The toddler eventually gets out of the bed after music starts playing, moving onto the floor and appearing to peer underneath.


Soon, she starts moving under the bed – but not necessarily in a crawling motion. Then, she starts crying out ‘mummy’ repeatedly, as she seems to be dragged slowly under the bed.

The clip has already been viewed more than 6.7 million times, with viewers sharing their horror in the comments. One user wrote: ‘There’s no way she was scared and crying mommy and just willingly kept crawling under there.’


Another user wrote: ‘Personal experience this is horrible and terrifying pls go to your local church and ask for some holy water and bless the room if not the whole home.’

A third user wrote: ‘I would spend the night in her room. See if it’s only targeting your child. If so get the hell out of there. F*ck either way GO.’


A fourth commented: ‘Do not let her leave your sight please keep her with you at all times. This cannot be safe listen to your baby she’s telling you she’s not safe.’

Others have been more sceptical, speculating the daughter was crawling under the bed to get a toy and couldn’t work out how to get out, which made her upset.

However, Josh himself has responded to this theory, taking a separate video of the empty floor under the bed. He said: ‘What toy could she be going after?’


Josh also posted the aftermath of her being ‘pulled’ under the bed, including one TikTok that’s almost a minute of her crying out for her parents, followed by others of her mother coming in, helping her out and comforting her.

In another video, his daughter can be seen sleeping before she appears to be gently dragged down the bed. In his most recent upload, Josh and his partner explain how his phone keeps freezing and turning off when he tries to film under the bed or even tries to post further footage.

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Josh Dean/TikTok
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