Time Traveller From Year 2582 Says Humans Shouldn’t Worry About Aliens, But About Monsters Under The Sea

by : Daniel Richardson on : 13 May 2021 15:18
Time Traveller From Year 2582 Says Humans Shouldn't Worry About Aliens, But About Monsters Under The Seatimetraveler2582/TikTik/PA

A time traveller from the year 2582 has told us that we need to be worried about sea monsters and not aliens.

While most people are worried global warming or nuclear war will end the world as we know it and give birth to a scenario comparable to Mad Max, a self-proclaimed time traveller has warned we should be worried about monsters of the deep blue instead.


Naturally, the individual – claiming to be from more than five hundred years in the future – has decided that TikTok is the ideal platform for this apocalyptic message. The video, by timetraveler2582, describes a scary future alongside some footage of deep-sea diving.

Check out the video:


The video begins by outlining that people should be worried about what is in the depths of the ocean. It goes on to suggest the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will investigate a ‘huge anormal’ hole in the Arctic Ocean on January 26, 2023. The writer probably means abnormal, unless ‘anormal’ is a term from the future. The video then plays sound reported to be from what was found there.

Using hydrophones (underwater microphones) the team involved reportedly picked up a creepy sound. The video notes that ‘the scientist’ sent the classified audio out to the world. The noise, which kind of sounds like water going down a plug with some additional ominous tones, is apparently indicative of a hollow Earth.

Why a time traveller would travel five hundred years into the past with the audio is unclear, but plenty of viewers have apparently believed the footage. One commenter noted, ‘Now I’m starting to believe you.’ In response, timetraveler2582 said, ‘Thanks. Soon people will reconsider the possibility of our existence, of us, time travelers.’

Deep Sea Diver (PA Images)PA Images

Of course, others were pretty sceptical. One user wrote, ‘You are not a time traveler you just a person that’s trying to get money from TikTok chill out.’ Others have asked questions about more immediate concerns, like what stocks to invest in.

Clearly, the video has divided opinion. However, many will now wonder what could lie in the ocean and whether we’ll have a Godzilla situation in the coming years.

There is also the distinct possibility that this information could coincide with the prophecy that by the year 3000 not much will have changed but we’ll live underwater.

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