Tinder User Messaged Girls Using Only Wayne Rooney Tweets, It Didn’t Go Well


Thinking of what to say in that difficult first message on Tinder is a tricky one.

How do you strike up a conversation with a complete stranger?

The generally accepted tactic is to ask questions about the other person, based on what they’ve written in their profile, with a compliment or two thrown in for good measure.

Twitter user and football fan @Billie_T, however, opted for a bit of a different tactic, using nothing but tweets from Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney to message girls on the dating app.


And the results were pretty hilarious, although using words of wisdom from well known smoothie Rooney don’t seem to have achieved much in the way of getting this guy many dates.

His unwitting Tinder matches mainly just seemed baffled by the whole thing.

This girl was pretty confused as to why he was talking about Whitney Houston so much…


This girl was very confused…


Hang on, what’s bruised and swollen?


And this woman just wasn’t that into One Direction (and we can’t really blame her)…


So, in the end, the whole thing was about as effective as Wayne Rooney himself currently is on the football pitch.

Still, you can’t fault a guy for trying!

By the way, just in case you doubt the accuracy, we can confirm that these are real, genuine things Manchester United’s No. 10 has actually said on social media. Here’s the proof:

One of the great philosophers of our time.